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Acquisitions & Investment

We apply a highly-disciplined investment approach to find opportunities that offer immediate value creation, long-term appreciation, and superior capital preservation.

Our disciplined investment approach is both qualitative and quantitative. We analyze hundreds of new opportunities each year looking for investments that meet our stringent investment criteria.

Because of our emphasis on adding value, we look at a large volume of off-market and lightly-marketed deals and we specialize in finding properties that are impaired in some way. This plays to our strength as an owner-operator and our expertise in repositioning and restoring properties to a strong competitive position.

We also focus on ground-up development, both with and without joint venture development partners. We seek developments that, for various reasons, have a competitive edge against the existing competition. 

And…because of our emphasis on longer term investments, the acquisitions team focuses on acquistions and developments in areas with improving fundamentals, durable demand-drivers, and superior value-protectors.

The result of our dedication to our investment process has been a history of superior deal making, and exceptional value creation for our investors.

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