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Investment Sponsorship

McKinney Properties has partnered with outside investors since the early 1970’s.  Over that time, we have sponsored numerous successful real estate partnerships and established a reputation of trust and transparency with our partners.

Partnering is central to our business model.  We rely on partners to enhance our expertise, expand deal flow, and grow our capital base.  Rather than a weakness, our reliance on partners has enabled us to accomplish much more than we could have independently and with better results.  It has also allowed us to build deep and lasting relationships.  
McKinney Properties has acted as an investment sponsor dating back to our first syndicated partnership in 1970.  Since that time, we have raised over $250 million, largely from high-net-worth investors, in a series of one-off and portfolio investments.    
Importantly, we are active investors ourselves.  We invest alongside our investment partners in each deal we sponsor, typically as the largest single investor in each investment.  We have real ‘skin in the game’ and, as a result, we are highly aligned with our investors.  To further enhance our role as a trusted fiduciary, most of our compensation is incentive-based and back-end loaded, ensuring that we only do well if our partners also do well.  
Our transaction volume is based solely on opportunity, so new offerings occur on a limited and irregular basis and are open to accredited investors only.

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