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Investment Approach

Our Mission

To create and sustain value for our investors in residential real estate.

Key Tenets of our Investment Philosophy

  • Emphasis on '20-Year Renewable' locations
  • Priority on capital preservation
  • Remain patient. Stay disciplined. Trust the process.
  • Emphasis on collecting timely, accurate market intel
  • Look for multiple ways to add and create value
  • Think long-term, but react quickly to market fundamentals
  • Focus on Equity Multiple over IRR
  • Growth in cash flow matters

What is a 20-Year Renewable Location?

One of the most compelling aspects of real estate is it's durability. However, long-term investments require constant attention and continual re-investment. Without a strong belief in future growth, the re-investment decision becomes challenging each and every year. Short-sighted decisions often lead to a loss of value. 20-Year Renewable Locations simplify the decision making process and promote the preservation of capital.

What are the key elements of our proven investment process?

Our investment process has been developed over an extensive period of time, with an eye toward protecting investor capital and avoiding the risks that are the root cause of capital loss, namely over-investment, over-leverage, and lack of staying power. Our process focuses on absolute, long-term returns and long-term viability to ensure we don't rationalize paying higher prices or engineering returns with excess leverage.

Why is adding value so important?

Adding value has two primary benefits. It provides greater upside potential but it also creates additional downside protection. Our ability to add value and find unique ways to create value through operational improvements, development opportunities, off-market deals, capital investment, and resolving complex issues, enables us to acquire impaired assets below their future value.

There is always another deal

It may sound trite but it is an important element of our mindset when we underwrite and bid on new investment opportunities. We make sure we let the facts, not emotion, dictate our investment decision making. Our deal evaluation process is rigid and intense. It is designed to eliminate all but the most deserving investment opportunities from consideration. As a result, we are highly focused on deal quality over deal quantity.

Be the 'last man standing'

Real estate is a highly competitive and cyclical business. In challenging market conditions, the goal is to survive to the next cycle. Our longevity and long-term track-record is largely due to our emphasis on capital preservation and value protection. We attempt to structure each investment with the staying-power to withstand severe market downturns. Our value-add strategy can also provide increased downside protection through immediate value creation and increased debt service coverage.

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