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Who We Are

Dedicated to our Residents, Investors and Employees

Our Story

McKinney Properties is a fully integrated owner and operator of student housing and multifamily properties with expertise in property management, asset management, acquisitions, development & construction, and investment sponsorship. The company is privately held and invests across the entire United States. McKinney Properties was founded in 1946 and is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Over our 77-year history, the company has built an enviable track record by adhering to our time-tested, value-driven approach to real estate investing. McKinney Properties both acquires and develops, and our focus is primarily on value-add and repositioning opportunities in infill locations, supply-constrained markets, areas with robust economic development, and in the areas immediately surrounding large universities and major medical complexes.

Company Highlights

  • Senior Leadership Team averaging more than 20 years of direct real estate experience and more than 15 years with McKinney Properties
  • 100+ in-house property management team of professionals, managers, and staff
  • Founded in 1946
  • Active in most regions of the United States including the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Northeast, and Texas
  • $550 million of value creation under current leadership
  • Current leadership in place since 1994

What Makes Us Unique

Long-Term Investment Perspective

Our investment philosophy and ownership approach focus on the long-term outlook of each investment. This helps us bypass properties with weaker long-term fundamentals and encourages investment in properties with greater potential. It also places our emphasis on consistent cash flow growth and operational improvement over near-term sale.


Different from sponsors whose focus is primarily on fund-raising and fees, our investment process is driven by our direct investment. We make a substantial capital commitment to each and every investment we make, and we are often the single largest investor. This helps reinforce our commitment to each deal and promotes a strong alignment of interests with investors.

Experience & Insight

Few real estate companies can match our longevity, level of experience, and stellar track record. The insight and expertise the organization has developed has enabled us to navigate the company successfully through numerous challenges and business cycles.

Discipline & Patience

Because of our focus on the direct investment of our own capital and on capital preservation, our underwriting process is highly rigid and qualitative. We evaluate hundreds of opportunities for each investment we make, and we often go extended periods between transactions.

Operating Expertise

Our ability to manage property is a key differentiator and an important component of our ability to add-value. Our in-house property management team has expertise in leasing, marketing, operations, and construction, derived from our experience as owner-operators. As a result, we have the ability to both develop and implement the investment strategy for each investment we make, rather than having to rely on third-parties.

Ability to Add Value

We have the proven ability to turnaround and reposition impaired investments and to create value for our investors due to the extensive capabilities of our organization and through numerous strategies we employ to help us unlock hidden value.

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