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Property Management

McKinney Properties has built an award-winning property management team that plays a key role in our ability to add value and maximize operating performance.  
McKinney Properties has been managing multifamily and commercial property for more than 77 years.  Over that time, we have built an award-winning property management organization with expertise in leasing, operations, and construction.  Our ability to grow revenue, improve operating efficiency, and increase value through our proven management strategies is a key differentiator for the company.  
At each of the communities we manage, we are committed to offering the highest level of customer service.  We focus on resident retention and work hard to ensure that each of our properties maintains a positive reputation.  
Because of our long history in ownership and property management, we have had exposure to a range of multifamily property types including everything from Class A to Class C, high-rise to garden, student to conventional, stabilized to value-add, and new to old.  This broad level of experience provides us with a deep knowledge base for our acquisitions team and provides us with unique insight into the most effective way to manage different properties through their life-cycle.  
McKinney Properties currently manages the majority of our portfolio, including all of our student housing. We also provide third-party management for other owners on a select basis.

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