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What Sets Us Apart & Contributes to Success

McKinney Difference

Throughout our 75 years in business as a trusted fiduciary, we have crafted core differentiators that enable us to best serve our investors. 

The McKinney Properties team is dedicated to adding value to investments. We have the proven ability to unlock hidden value and improve impaired investments through our time-tested investment process and the capabilities of our experienced property management team.
Because of our long-standing reputation and established relationships, we are able to source a large volume of off-market and 'lightly-marketed' opportunities before they are broadly marketed.
Capital preservation means sustainability. We focus on '20-year renewable locations' and apply a 'last man standing' mindset to each of our investments. 
We invest alongside our investors in every deal, and we structure our investments to minimize conflicts of interest to ensure that we only do well if our investors do well.
Our investment approach is highly qualitative and emphasizes capital preservation over deal volume. As a result, we evaluate hundreds of opportunities for every investment we make.
We focus on investments that offer the greatest potential for long-term capital appreciation and wealth building. Our goal is to minimize the impact of timing through the ownership of quality long-term assets with true staying power.

Experience & Insight

The insight and expertise we have developed has enabled us to navigate the company successfully through numerous challenges and business cycles.

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